how to become intelligent genius

 how to become an intelligent genius

Reading books

Reading is the primary way to facilitate brain activity, and it often extends the capacity and energy of the brain, as it introduces the reader to new vocabulary constantly, and provides examples of correct and sound uses of grammar rules, shows the elegance of a well-written sentence, and moves the mind to a new place, in addition to providing an opportunity For the reader to draw a picture of the great links between literature and real life by reading novels, historical literature, poetry, and other books. [1]

Visit new places

Experimenting with new things and places is an opportunity to discover and stimulate the mind. Traveling to another country, trying a new restaurant, or passing through a road for the first time forces the mind to deal with new circumstances and adapt to them, for example when traveling to a strange country, the language and culture are strange. The brain is forced to develop and create a new and innovative method; To express needs and emotions, so trying something new, whatever it is, forces the brain to face new, unexpected challenges. [1]

Brain exercise with mental games

Practicing and playing some mental games and puzzles helps to stimulate the mind and increase the level of intelligence, and the Rubik Cube game is one of the games that stimulates the mind to think a lot to solve it, and thus increase mental capabilities, and Sudoku is also a wonderful mental puzzle, which can be solved and played on Internet Free, or buys brochures that contain them, and are often printed in newspapers. [2]

Doing some artistic activities

It helps the practice of artistic activities such as painting, sculpture, painting collages, and other arts on the launch of your creative side, and the expansion of problems solving skills, and thus the development of mental capacityBecause an innovative and creative brain can think out of the ordinary. To find ways to get things done faster and better. [2]

Other ways to increase intelligence and genius

There are many ways to increase intelligence and  genius, including the following: [2]

  • Solving mathematical problems: Practicing to solve problems quickly and calculate some problems mentally will make the mind work hard and diligently, and help to develop bonds and relationships that help you think faster and better.
  • Writing stories or poetry: Creative writing forces the mind to invent situations, dialogue, characters, and environments. This leads to better thinking and information processing.
  • Providing a private environment and comfortable surroundings: The presence of green plants and inhaling the scent of roses away from the noise helps increase concentration and productivity, and going for a walk outside is an effective way to get rid of daily stress, in addition to enhancing productivity. [3]
  • Asking questions when facing problems: asking questions frequently forces the mind to think, and find appropriate solutions instead of worrying about the problem. [1]

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