What is the reason for losing weight

 What are the main causes of weight loss?

The reason for losing weight

Everyone strives to lose weight and it is considered something that everyone loves, but there are cases of sudden and alarming weight loss, and they may be an indication of the presence of a specific disease, or they may be a side effect of the use of some medications, and thus require medical follow-up, and among the common causes of unintended weight loss are the following: :Hyperthyroidism: An overactive thyroid gland means greater production of its hormones that speed up the metabolism processes and increase the heart rate, and this may require surgical intervention if it is not controlled by medication.

  • Diabetes:  one of the symptoms associated with diabetes is extreme thirst, extreme hunger, and frequent use of the toilet because diabetes reduces the production of insulin responsible for converting sugar into energy or reduces the cells' response to it. You get very hungry, and that leads to weight loss.
  • Wheat allergy disease:  In this case, the body is sensitive to gluten, which is a protein found in wheat and legumes, and in the case of sensitivity to gluten, the body irritates the stomach, as an immune response to its presence, preventing the body from benefiting from the nutrients in it, and it is usually accompanied by sensitivity in the skin. Itching and joint pain, and you can follow a diet to control these symptoms.
  • The use of drugs:  by taking drugs that increase the rate of burning and reduce the appetite, leading to weight loss, and include anti-cancer drugs,  antidepressants, and diabetes drugs.
  • Exposure to psychological pressures: A  person is exposed to psychological pressures when losing a close person, during exam periods, or when he is presented with a new stage in his life. The pressures can be a cause of weight loss, but when the cause is removed, the weight returns to normal.
  • Cancer:  where the cancer cells produce chemicals that change the way food is digested, and they consume the body's energy by pushing the immune system to resist it, leading to weight loss.

When to see a doctor

Weight loss at a rate of more than 5% of the normal weight during the period from 6 months to a year may be an indication of the presence of diseases such as cancers, and the doctor must be consulted when noticing this, and the doctor then performs comprehensive examinations to find the main cause of weight loss, starting with the medical history For the patient, and then physical examinations, laboratory, and x-rays, until the cause is verified, and a diet is followed to prevent further weight loss. 

What is unexplained weight loss?

The term unexplained weight loss refers to unintended weight loss and it is considered a symptom of some diseases, not a disease in itself, as weight in middle age begins to be relatively stable with little increase or decrease from year to year, and this depends on several factors, including age, health in general, and caloric intake. Every day, losing 5% of weight without dieting or committing to exercise is something that requires seeing a doctor.

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