Benefits of black tea for hair

 Benefits of black tea for hair

Preventing hair loss

Drinking black tea helps to get rid of hair loss, and this is due to its ability to solve the problems responsible for loss in women, as it reduces stress, and withdraws reactive molecules that contain oxygen (ROS), thanks to the antioxidants in it. 

Stimulate hair growth

It has been proven in a scientific study that the use of a fermented black tea infusion on the hair for two weeks stimulates its growth, and its use is to promote hair growth by distributing it on the scalp and the length of the hair. 

Darkening of hair color

Washing brown hair with a concentrated black tea solution is one of the best ways to darken its color, by steeping three black tea bags in two cups of boiling water for five minutes, leaving it until it cools, then distributing the tea infusion on the hair, leaving it for about an hour, then washing it.

Get rid of gray hair

The use of infusion sagebrush with black tea to get rid of gray hair, and can be Thoudrah through a soak equal of sagebrush and tea intake in the water, then put it on the hair,  In addition to the role of black tea in darkening the color of the hair, it increases luster and smoothness as well, and can be used By distributing the soak on clean hair, or by mixing it with hair conditioner, leaving it for an hour, then washing it. 

Recipe for henna and black tea

As black tea is rich in red and black colors, it can be used as a natural hair dye, especially for brown-haired people, by mixing henna with black tea, applying it to the scalp and hair, waiting between an hour to two hours, and then washing it with a mild shampoo.

Increase shine and liveliness of hair

Dull and abiotic hair can be eliminated with black tea, by washing the hair with a black tea infusion after using shampoo, and repeating this for several weeks until the hair appears soft and shiny.

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