Where to go in Qatar

 What is famous in Qatar?

Qatar is an Arab country located in the continent of Asia to the southwest, and it is officially called the State of Qatar, and Doha is the official capital of the country, and Qatar is surrounded by many countries such as Bahrain, the Emirates, in addition to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. According to the 2013 statistics, the population of the State of Qatar was estimated at about 2 million, and they are spread across the country's cities with an area of ​​about 11570 square kilometers. Qatar is considered one of the countries overlooking the Arabian Gulf.

And since Qatar is an Arab state, it is certain that the Arabic language is the official language of the country, which is spoken by the residents of the state, and the inhabitants of Qatar owe the Islamic religion, which is the official religion of the country, with a small group of those who profess Christianity and some other religions, knowing that most of the owners of religions The others are not Qataris; As they carry different nationalities and their presence there is due to the nature of their work, and it is mentioned that Qatar contains many and many mosques, in addition to the presence of a church for those of the Christian faith.

Qatar is considered one of the prosperous countries in economic terms, due to the presence of oil in the country; As Qatar is an oil country, and it depends on oil as a basic and supportive material for the country's economy, in addition to Qatar's reliance on other resources such as aluminum and iron, and the export of these materials abroad, not to mention some other industries such as: the manufacture of cement, steel, and other matters. Others that make Qatar's economy a developing and prosperous economy.

Where to go in Qatar?

Qatar generally enjoys its charm and beauty, which makes it a destination for tourism for everyone who wants to enjoy their vacation days and spend the most beautiful times there. If we start in Doha, which is one of the most popular cities that contain many attractions and tourist places that we invite people to visit, such as the Qatar National Museum, which contains many ancient artifacts that narrate the history of Qatar. Aquapark Water Park in Doha is one of the beautiful parks that contain many games and water ponds, in addition to Doha Bay, which contains a corniche that includes many museums and landmarks that make the Corniche extending over the Gulf an area of ​​great beauty.

The State of Qatar contains a complex in which there are markets, restaurants, and places for recreation, and this complex is called the entertainment city, in addition to many castles and museums in Doha and outside, such as Zubara Castle and the Museum of Islamic Art, so all of these places and landmarks that we mentioned we advise people to visit. So that they can see the splendor of Qatar.

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