How can I be happy


How can I be happy in my life?

How can I be happy in my life?

A person does not need to be reminded that happiness, comfort, and heartfelt contentment cannot be in the way of sin, evil, and following psychological whims. Rather, these matters often achieve immediate sensory pleasure, and by their extent, internal pain and its magnitude is self-misery, so the hope (happiness) is turned against (misery), rather that happiness  In fact the matter is entrusted with the investigation of faith In the heart and represent it in life while enjoying what God has permitted in this life. The day you feel pain and misery! It is a day that you do not deserve to insult or be angry with. Rather, the blame lies on you. Meditate this day well! You will find that you did not actually do a single useful work in your opinion .. You did not do one thing in it that you know is a way to your happiness. The day when you feel that you are flying far away while you are in the utmost happiness and joy. That's because you hit the target well. Then you knew the source of your happiness and joy and put it into practice. That is why you will find people of laziness, lethargy and emptiness are the most miserable of people. Despite their physical comfort. Why? The answer is clear, because happiness, as we decided, is associated with action and action, not on imagination and hope. Put what you love into action and move closer to what makes you feel happy. [1]

The definition of happiness

The concept of happiness is defined as: [2]

  • Happiness reassures the heart, explains the chest, and relaxes the mind.
  • Happiness is contentment with everything and stems from faith from the heart.
  • Happiness is a feeling of pleasure and relaxation.
  • Happiness is of two types: worldly happiness and worldly happiness.
  • Worldly happiness: psychological happiness, physical happiness, external happiness.
  • Happiness is relying on God to achieve good.
  • Happiness is a feeling that results from a work that a person loves, or it is the result of something that people do for the person, such as surprises.
  • Happiness also results when eating chocolate, as chocolate is important for the secretion of endorphins (the hormone of happiness).

Is happiness a mystery?

Happiness is not a mystery that needs work of thought, imagination and visualization to solve it! But it is compliance,  work,  illusion, and effort in order to achieve what we love, and if all is required, it must be done by effort, so how about what is required is people's preoccupation these days until happiness has become a ghost that we hear and do not see or not live! Many of us, if he took a piece of paper and a pen and wrote in it the things that make him happy, he would find many, but most of them are close to one, and he will not find much difficulty in achieving them, but the problem lies in putting these things into practice. Reflect on the beautiful moments in your life. Remember them well. Go back to the tape of the past and recall now that you will see that the beautiful moments were not like that, except because you lived during them what you really love, so that each of you put up an idea of ​​what will make her happy. Some of your thoughts may be a reason for finding happiness to others. How many words are said as a ray of hope in a  sea  Of despair. [3]

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