What is the language of Australia

What is the main language in Australia?


 Australia or the Commonwealth of Australia is a country and continent located in the Southern Hemisphere, Southeast Asia on the west of the Pacific Ocean. The continent is surrounded on the north by the Timor Sea, the Arvora Sea, and the Strait of Tours, on the east by the Coral Sea and the Tasman Sea, and from the south by the Bass Corridor, and the Indian Ocean surrounds the continent From south and west.

Residents of Australia 
The population of the continent is approximately 22.6 million people, and nearly 60% of the population is concentrated in or near state capitals, such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide. Approximately 57% of the population lives in Victoria or New South Wales.

The language of Australia
Australia does not have an official language, but English is the actual national language, as Australian English is the most common language in society, and it is similar to English in grammar and spelling, with some clear differences.

 The 2006 statistics indicated that English is the most used language in homes, and reaches 79% of the population, while the rest of the languages ​​spoken are Italian by 4.6%, Greek by 1.3%, and Cantonese by 1.2%.

 The Australian Early Development Index mentioned that the most common languages ​​spoken by children after English are Arabic, then Vietnamese, then Greek, Chinese and Hindi, respectively. 

There are beliefs that the indigenous languages ​​of Australia before its first European contact numbered 200-300 languages, but only 70 of them remained.

Religion in Australia
 Australia does not have an official religion, as the Australian Constitution prohibits the federal government from imposing any religion or imposing any religious rites, as well as prohibiting the exercise of any religious freedom.

 According to the statistics of the year 2011 AD, the percentage of Australian Christians reached 61.1%, and those who have no religion 22.3%, and 7.2% are non-Christian religions, the largest of which is Buddhism, followed by Islam, Hinduism, and Judaism, respectively. 

And a global statistic carried out by a German non-profit company indicated that three out of four Australians do not embrace any religion, or do not consider religion among their essentials.

Occupy the continent of Australia 
40 thousand years ago and in the late eighteenth century before the occupation of the Europeans, the original inhabitants of Australia were the ones who inhabited it, and they belonged to about 250 languages ​​families. In 1606 AD, the Dutch navigable continent was discovered, then in 1770 AD, Britain seized the eastern half of Australia. The first complete conquest of Australia was on the twenty-sixth of January of the year 1788 AD. The population grew steadily in the following decades, and the rest of the continent was discovered, and then five colonies were added for self-government, which is subject to the Crown Prince of Britain.

 On the first of January of the year 1901 AD, the six colonies became a federation, and the Australian Commonwealth was formed. At that time, a stable liberal democratic political system called the Commonwealth System was formed.

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