Ways to get rid of negative thoughts

 How to get rid of negative thoughts

The person has nearly 60,000 ideas daily, some of which are positive and some are negative that discourage some from completing the tasks entrusted to them or hinder them from moving forward on the ladder of success if they are not dealt with properly, so human development experts and psychologists have focused The importance of focusing on positive thoughts, and the need to be aware of negative thoughts, and deal with them properly to avoid them.

How to get rid of negative thoughts: Note thoughts Keep a small notebook in your pocket or your bag, record every negative thought that comes to your mind, and try to discuss it by writing down the events and the people who found you, which made such thoughts come to your mind, and monitor your reaction to them, Give yourself enough time to reflect on this, and ask yourself how powerful these thoughts are in affecting you, and remind yourself that they are just thoughts that have not yet materialized, for example, you get an idea that you will fail in the exam, so write in your memo: I got the idea that I am a failure, and do not write: I am a failure, Until you make a distance between you and the idea so that you are convinced that it is just an idea and not a reality.

Note that the thoughts you notice about yourself or your surroundings are nothing but a mirror of your convictions and beliefs, and know that reality is the embodiment of these convictions. If you want to change your fact, your convictions and thoughts must be changed.

Acceptance of thoughts Acknowledges all the feelings that come to you, even if they are negative. Negative thoughts, just like positive thoughts, can arise in your mind at any time. Your recognition of them does not mean your belief in their validity and realism. Instead, you notice the idea and acknowledge its existence without negatively judging yourself because of it. Many ongoing studies on this topic have shown that admitting the existence of a negative thought helps overcome it better than the person who is resisting it. For example, if you have an idea that you are an unloved person, say to yourself: And I got the idea that I am not liked, and thus you do not accept this talk As a fact, you acknowledge its existence.

Self-compassion If you feel that a lot of negative thoughts have begun to haunt you, compassion for yourself, not blaming it, and treating it as your close friend. Just as your friend matters to you and makes sure not to hurt his feelings or hurt him; So be with yourself, and you are the most deserving of all these good feelings, and that is what will help you in all the steps that you take in your practical and scientific life.

Make sure to send yourself positive messages every day, as this increases your sympathy and love for yourself, and raises your entitlement to everything wonderful and beautiful in life, so allocate enough time each day to say out loud or write what you think is appropriate for you of positive sentences such as (I am I have a lot to offer the world, I am a successful and loved person)

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