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Serbia is one of the European countries located in the central region of the Balkan state, bordered on the western side by Bosnia, Croatia, and Montenegro, and on the northern and southern sides by Albania and Macedonia. The area of ​​Serbia is estimated at eighty-eight thousand kilometers and three hundred and sixty-one square kilometers, and its population is estimated at about seven million A citizen.

Most of them congregate in the capital Belgrade and the surrounding provinces, and it should be noted that Serbia is one of the landlocked countries. That is, it does not overlook any waterway, and the annual number of tourists to Serbia is estimated to be two million tourists per year. It is essential to know that there are a set of steps that must be taken before traveling to Serbia.

Serbia visa

Anyone wishing to travel to Serbia must submit an application for a visa to travel to Serbia at the Serbian embassies located all over the world, and the forms that must be prepared by the visa applicant:

  • A passport that is valid for at least three months, and must have a color photo with it. 
  • Two photographs of the person, the dimensions of the image are three and a half x four and a half, and the background must be white.
  •  A picture of health insurance. 
  • Documents leading to the request, such as hotel reservations, round-trip flight reservations, a copy of the amount paid for the flight costs paid. 
  • Pictures of bank accounts, and these pictures illustrate the method of disposal of credit cards, the movement of the account, in addition to information on other wealth. 
  • Fluency in English or Serbian language, with copies of requirements and supporting documents.
  •  The period for obtaining the visa is fourteen days. 
  • The required amount to obtain a visa needs sixty-two euros. 
  • The individual obtaining the visa will also undergo a personal interview.

Asylum in Serbia


Those wishing to immigrate and stay in Serbia must go to the police stations in the regions of Valievo and Belgrade, and submit an asylum application. The applicant goes to the reception centers within a maximum of three days, and after this period, this paper is considered canceled. Therefore the presence of the applicant is illegal, and often these centers provide housing for housing.

The asylum application procedure consists of two stages; the first stage is the submission of a photo and all fingerprints. After the completion of these procedures, the applicant obtains a personal asylum card, and the second stage consists of conducting a personal interview, and the applicant must explain and clarify the reasons for asylum.


 Minors have the right to seek asylum and live in Kovilica and central Banja. After submitting the application, the minors are placed in an institution called popravni dom Vasa Stajić, and this institution is located in the capital, Belgrade, after which the minor is transferred to an asylum center.

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