The most beautiful romantic phrases

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 Romantic phrases Words are considered the first evidence of love and concern, and they are a means of expressing what is scattered within us, and the way in which we explain the sincerity of our feelings, specifically if they come from the heart of a lover to his beloved who sees in him his world and his world, then you see lovers and loved ones exchange warm words that carry between Fold it sincerely, and you find sometimes they are stuck between what they feel and what they want to reveal, in our article, this is a set of words that describe the situation of loved ones.

The most beautiful romantic phrases:

to the person whom I loved with indescribable love..

to the one who was in my heart and made his love a medal on my chest..

to the one who lives night and day..

to the Persian and the boy of my dreams..t

o the fates inscribed in my heart and etched his name in my mind and veins .. 

To whom the soul and body desires, and to whom the groans and harmony depart ...

 To the one with whom I spent the happiest moments of my life..

to you who are jealous of the sun, the moon, and all people, to you, O most precious of my life.

 I dedicate you my heart, my love and my life, you have become everything in my life.

 You are my tear and the smile of my life. 

You are the pulse of my heart, my dreams and hopes. 

You are my first and last love. 

For you, I cast the world aside,

 for my heart will only contain your love,

 and my chest will only contain your longing and affection.

 I swear I do not will not be able to feel and live if life were empty of you. 

Oh who embraces me with his longing and tenderness, O he who threatens the cries of my heart and my longing with longing, hope and tenderness. 

If I had to give you my eyes, I would put it in your hands..

if I had to give you my heart, I would take it off my chest and present it to you..

If I had to give you my life, I would have recorded my days in your name.

but I only have the many words of honest expressions, let it be my gift to you.

 I have a heart and you have its beats..

I have the body and you have its life..

I have love and you have its condition.

 I will love you even if I wait for a long time,

 and if you are not my destiny, then you are my choice.

 If the days do not bring us together, we have gathered memories, and if the heart does not see you, then the eye will not forget you.

 If a million loves you, then I am among them, and if one loves you, then it is me. 

I sent the moon to light your way back up and told him Malik said: His light blinded me. 

I love you ... how much I used to repeat it ... and sang it deep inside.

 Do not touch the rose..of the flower you are jealous..

I love you the most..if you love you a lot. 

I pick you the best flowers, I will race all the birds, make you mountains and seas, and I will let you light your evening. 

I make my point. If your love is my fault, then I am sorry to repeat my mistake. 

The roses are jealous of you, honey is confused by you, and the moon is ashamed of you, and I do not need you.

 I give you a check for a million kisses..

I spend it from my love bank..

fikri street..the first floor of my heart.

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