The first flight in the world

 Who was the first to fly?

The first flying attempt: Abbas ibn Firnas made his first attempt to fly, and that was in the year 875 AD when he was able to make a plane made of wood and silk, and his attempt to fly over an elevated area near the city of Cordoba in front of a group of people, where he continued to fly for ten minutes, but  He failed in the matter of landing on the ground, although the attempt was not truly successful.

The first successful flight in the world: the first successful flight in the world on December 17, 1903, after the brothers Orville and Wilber, known as the Wright brothers, invented a kite-like plane and successfully flew it over North Carolina (North Carolina). ), [2] where the two brothers flew four times in a row on that day, the first flight lasted 12 seconds, and covered more than 36.5 meters, [3] and the second time the flight took 12 seconds at a distance of 53.3 meters, and on the third time their journey lasted 15 seconds at a distance of 60.9 M, reaching the fourth time, which took 59 seconds, with a distance of 259.6 m

The two brothers' dream of inventing a way to fly began from a young age, as their father gave them a toy in the form of a helicopter that made them dream about flying in a real way. Bicycle industry, so that we could fulfill that dream.

The development of aviation after the Wright brothers: After the Wright brothers succeeded in the first flight in the world, the inventors of the world continued to try to develop aircraft and invent new tools, as the jet plane was invented that flies faster and is higher than the rest of the aircraft that operate with propellers, where the height of its flight To more than 10,000 meters, in addition to the invention of electric aircraft, in which electricity is used as one of the alternative fuels for airplanes, in addition to the presence of missile-powered aircraft that rise vast distances at great speeds.

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