The first FIFA World Cup

When was the first FIFA World Cup?

 The first FIFA World Cup 

In 1928, the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) decided that a world championship for football would be held once every four years, starting in 1930, after seeing the president of the federation Jules Rimet at the time that the time had come to establish a special tournament for world football. Countries hosting the first edition of the world tournament, but the matter settled on choosing Uruguay as the country that will host the first FIFA World Cup tournament.

The championship was held during the year 1930 AD, specifically in the period between the thirteenth to the thirty of July; Eighteen different matches were played on three stadiums located in the capital, Montevideo, and the Estadio Centenario stadium, with a capacity of 90,000 spectators, witnessed the hosting of the final match of the tournament, which brought together Argentina and Uruguayan teams. Uruguay was crowned with the first world title after winning over Argentina scored four goals for two goals.

The teams that participated in the first World Cup 
The World Cup was in its first edition in 1930; It is the only tournament in which the participating teams did not participate in the qualifiers; All members of the FIFA national federations were invited, and only thirteen of these teams participated, which are the teams of Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, France, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Romania, and the United States of America, And Yugoslavia, in addition to the host country, Uruguay,

Many powerful teams, such as England, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands, were absent from that tournament for various reasons, including; Many European players were afraid that they would not be able to return to their jobs when they return to their country after participating in the tournament, in addition to the fact that some national teams were unable to participate in the tournament due to the long journey required to reach the venue of the global sporting event.

Tournament details
The thirteen teams participating in the first World Cup tournament were divided into four groups as follows:

Group A: The first group was the only group that contained four teams, namely, Argentina, Chile, France, and Mexico. 
Group B: The second group included three teams, each of Yugoslavia, the Brazil national team, in addition to the Bolivian national team. 
Group C: The third group included Uruguay, Romania, and Peru. 
Group D: The last group, included the United States of America, the Paraguay national team, in addition to the Belgian team.

The opening match was held on the thirteenth of July 1930 AD. It brought together the French national team and the Mexican national team, and the match ended with France winning four goals against a single goal for Mexico, and one team from each group qualified for the semi-finals; As Argentina, Yugoslavia, Uruguay, and the United States qualified, and the semi-finals witnessed the establishment of two matches, the first between Argentina and the United States of America, which ended with Argentina's victory, while the other match brought together Yugoslavia, the national team and Uruguay; Which qualified for the final match, and the final match was held on the thirtieth of July 1930 AD to end with Uruguay winning the world title at the expense of Argentina with a score of four goals to two. 

The first FIFA Women's World Cup
In 1989, FIFA President Joao Havelang proposed the idea of ​​establishing the Women's World Cup, and the idea was implemented in 1991 when the first FIFA Women's World Cup was held in China. Twelve women's teams participated in that tournament. The women's football achieved the title, after winning the final match against Norway with two goals for one goal, and American player Mitchell Ackers won the Golden Boot award for the tournament. 

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