The beauty of nature in Spain

nature in spain


 What are the natural features of Spain?

 Spain, formerly "Andalusia," is a European country that belongs to continental Europe, as it is a member of the European Union, and Spain is one of the countries that apply the monarchy system, and it follows the parliamentary system. With economic and industrial prosperity, Spain is located on the southwestern side of the European continent, on the Iberian Peninsula. It is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea on the east and south sides, while on the north it is bordered by France, the Bay of Biscay and Andorra, and on the west and northwest, its borders share with Portugal and the ocean The Atlantic.

The beauty and climate of Spain 
When Spain is ranked second in the global tourism sector, this means that it has the advantages that make it one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and Spain, which was formerly Andalusia, is known for its climate, which is divided into three classifications, which is a fundamental factor in its aesthetics, and it has a distinctive geographical location. Apart from its picturesque nature and the archaeological sites in it.

The state of Spain is distinguished from other surrounding countries by the difference in its climate in one season from one region to another, as it was divided into three main climatic regions. The reason for the difference in the climate of its regions is due to its topography and its distinctive geographical location, so the first climate zone is the one dominated by the Mediterranean climate, It is dry and warm in the summer, and this climatic classification is the climate that prevails in the peninsula region. The second classification is the semi-arid climate, and the regions that are classified within this type are the southeastern regions of the country, and the last classification is the oceanic climate where the affected areas are affected by degrees Ambient heat, and often this climate is humid.

The 10 beautiful Cities in Spain
This term is given to the ten most beautiful cities in Spain, each of which is distinguished by a special aesthetic character, where we feel that we are moving between parts of a distinctive painting by a skilled painter when we move between one port and another, and these ten cities are: 

Granada: The name of this region is due to the Muslims, as it was one of the areas of the Islamic conquests and the most important aesthetic landmark in it, which is worth seeing is the Andalusian Alhambra Palace.
 Valencia: This city occupies the third place in terms of the area among all Spanish cities, and some celebrations are held in this city, such as the San Jose celebration. 
Toledo: It was called Talila in the days of Andalusia, and it is a region known for its heritage. Madrid: It is the capital of the state and its largest city by area, and the Arabs called it Mgrit Barcelona: This city is almost the most famous in Spain, and the most characteristic of its charming beaches.
Seville: It is the capital of Andalusia, and it has the Minaret of Good and the Flamenco Museum. 
San Sebastian: It is distinguished by its charming beaches and the types of cooking that are unique to it and not other cities.
Cordoba: It embodies Islamic landmarks, as it includes the Cordoba Mosque and some ancient Islamic palaces. 
Santiago de 
Compostela: It has special religious and Islamic traditions, most notably the traditional pilgrimage, and it is frequently visited by visitors for religious purposes.
 Bilbao: It is considered a commercial city, as it has the most famous commercial port in Spain. Festivals are held, and it has a wonderful historical museum.

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