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Autism in children

 Autism in children: Autism, or what is sometimes known as an autism spectrum disorder, is a complex condition that includes communication and behavior problems in children. It may also involve minor problems in the child and may sometimes reach a disability in which the child needs integrated care in special rehabilitation centers, Children suffer from a problem in communication and the inability to understand what others are speaking, which leads to difficulty in expressing themselves, whether with words, gestures, facial expressions or touch, and in this article the symptoms of autism in children of two years of age will be mentioned.

Symptoms of autism in children: at the age of two years It may be difficult to know if a child has autism because many children have the same behavior, and it is usually preferable to diagnose them with autism spectrum disorder after reaching the age of four and over, and the following is a statement of autism symptoms in children of two years of age:

The child has a delay in speaking, it may require a lot of effort from him to express his feelings, and some children with autism may not speak at all, and they have trouble participating in many conversations. 

He has an abnormal speaking style, he may sometimes speak in a very high or low tone, usually use single words instead of sentences, or he may repeat the same sentence or phrase, and he may repeat the question instead of answering it. 

He usually does not understand what others say to him, and in some cases he may not respond when someone calls him by name and is unable to follow instructions, and the child may cry, laugh or scream abnormally. It only focuses on one topic, no more. 

He rarely takes part in a conversation or game with other children. 

He likes to play alone, and he is not preferred to play with other children because he is not interested in them. It is associated with stable behavior that never changes. 

Usually, a child with autism is linked to a daily routine that is difficult to move or change. 

He strangely plays with objects and toys, as he may enjoy frequent opening and closing the door.

He hurts himself, such as by hitting or biting himself. Do repetitive actions. 

Extremely sensitive to many external influences. It may give an overreaction to some types of pain, and it may ignore others. 

The child may be afraid of things that do not cause fear in children. Suffers from sleep disturbances. 

He may have behavioral problems, he may be uncooperative, or he may be very active.

Treatment of autism in children: helps early intervention in the treatment and improvement of symptoms of autism in children at the age of two years. 

 The more useful social, communication, and behavioral skills learn. 

The following is an explanation of the treatment of autism in children that depends on the symptoms of the affected child:  behavioral treatments. 
Training the child in communication and communication skills. An educational program intended for children.
 A family therapy that includes teaching parents the best way to deal with their autistic child. Physical therapy. Psychiatric treatment. The doctor may prescribe some medications.

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