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 I'm sure that if I took a poll, I might get a jillion answers. A number of these would probably be: spending longer with nature, going green, living off the grid, growing your food, buying local, and reducing your carbon footprint. Generally, walking more gently on the world and living consonant with nature rather than regulating the world is gorgeous, and that I am happy to ascertain the efforts being made in society. The social specializes in the environment may be a welcome sight. I hope this trend is taken to heart and soul.

If you "go green," does it mean you reside a more natural life? Does an individual who lives within the country live more naturally than one who lives within the city? I might wish to offer a particular notion of Natural living. Natural living lives in unison with one's nature. Natural life is taking note of our intuition and following our instincts. Natural living is being real.

Who are we human beings? Are we animals? Well, that has been debated for hundreds of years. What does one think? I feel we are. We are truly "a part" of nature - not "apart" from it. Man is simply the maximum amount of a central figure within the grand design of life as a rainbow is. You'll have seen a television program that photographs the miracles of nature. For example, there's a moth that travels clear round the world to succeed in some plant which will only be pollinated by this particular moth... And then, after it reaches its goal, the moth dies! How about the way our body naturally takes care of itself. We cut ourselves; the body immediately gets to figure doing its job to stay out foreign objects and start the healing process - it bleeds and scabs. The blood pushes anything out, and therefore the crust keeps everything else from getting into. If bacteria do get in, our body begins to heat up to kill it. Some people predict the weather changes by feeling pain in their bodies. Even as the tides ebb and flow in response to the moon, we are also suffering from its cycles. Our bodies are nature.

We are nature. We are animality. We are an attribute. We, humans, are considerably a neighborhood of the magic that reveals itself in life each and each day. Like all other creatures, we have an understanding of how to get along with in the world. This is often an intrinsic part of who we are - our instinct. This is often truth - a knowledge that exists within - Sanctuary - the Tao. I think that this instinct is either fed by the soul or is that the soul. The soul is our spiritual self - our direct connection to the universe and everyone in it - the reality, the Tao, higher power, God, and whatever you're comfortable with. The Native Americans say that we are all connected to the excellent web of life - we are a part of everything.

Our instincts shout bent-guide us. This cry is heard by our intuition (gut feeling). Our intuition informs us, prepares us, and protects us if we listen to it. You would possibly say the instinct is our body, and therefore the intuition is our mind. Once we can still our minds enough to concentrate on our bodies, the soul is in a position to talk. Once we listen and follow this recommendation, we are real. This is often acting in unison with our true nature - Natural Living. Don't deny what's Pure, Raw, Wild, and Free. It's going to be the simplest of you.

What keeps up from being real within the first place? Only anything that daunts us from trusting ourselves and our wisdom. This is often what complicates our lives. This is often the idea of hysteria. Anxiety is the foundation of the bulk of our problems. Usually, this is often ego - our socialized self. This is often not nature - it's created by the social organization - by being a part of society.

Here is an example. A five-year-old girl (who only recently advanced from tricycle to bicycle) is cruising along on her new bike, together with her newfound freedom, doing just fine. The parent (who is "socialized") calls out, "don't hurt yourself - be careful." As soon because the girl hears the words... what does she do? She falls. She was sailing all along - all was well in her world - grooving within the Tao - and...all of the sudden limits were placed on her - fear was instilled. Had she not heard those words, I think she wouldn't have fallen. Thought creates form.

The ego contains all the shoulds and what if's and past experiences and rules and doubts and concerns - - the fear and anxiety.

Does living a natural life - being real - mean that you do not have fears? No, there are many times when anxiety may be a natural response to the instant. If you're walking within the woods and encounter a cougar, fear would be an automatic response. Your gut would be telling you that potential danger is near, and hopefully, you'd hear your intuition and respond accordingly. FYI - don't start running, or it'll think you're prey. This fear is genuine and natural. One clue to the difference between the ego's fear and natural fear is whether or not or not the response is to this moment. Living a natural life lives within the present. The facility is within the moment. Once you're within the, have WON.

Respecting the world and Natural Living might be just like the chicken and, therefore, the egg - which comes first? It depends. Since my connection to nature has always held priority, Natural Living was the logical path to follow. What I even have seen in others (people who don't much much attention to nature) is that folks who begin to trust in themselves - hear their intuition and follow their instincts - are drawn to living a more outwardly natural and straightforward life. It seems to follow. I feel that once we recognize ourselves as a neighborhood of nature, we have particular respect for the environment generally. We expect more sort of a Native American - the birds and animals and plants and trees are a part of our family. We see the interconnection of all - the excellent web of life. If you honor the world and everyone living things, you'll then value life and yourself.

Each folk in nature and connected to all or any that's - we have the answers. In modern society, we've had a bent to deny human nature: we aren't animals, we are civilized. Conquering and claiming quality has been a part of our social history. Life has been perceived as a possession that you manipulate and control. It seems like ego - the precise thing we've to urge far away from following a path with heart and soul.

Creating Sanctuary provides online counseling, support, and education. I encourage natural, soulful living. You'll learn to trust your instincts and follow your intuition - the convenience of an authentic life.

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