Is wrestling real or fake?

 How old is the WWE?

Definition of freestyle wrestling 

Known sport wrestling as a type of sports that take place between the two rivals competing against each other in order to install each player to shoulder the other player to the track conducted by the competition, and the different playing style and the rules of the game controller according to the different nature of the game And the tournament you organize; Whereas, there is a big difference between the styles and rules of wrestling for professionals compared to those for amateurs.

The different types of wrestling can be classified into three types according to how they were won. Where the first type requires compelling the opponent to take a certain position or making him give up a certain position, while the second type is that wrestling during which the opponent must be forced to remain to lie on the ground for a specific period of time, and the third type of wrestling matches is the type that ends with an explicit announcement of Withdrawal of the opponent by explicit statement or gesture only.

The Truth of Freestyle Wrestling

The World Wrestling Entertainment Corporation (WWE) is the largest commercial organization that offers professional wrestling shows, and it was founded in 1952 by Jess McMahon, and the name and acronym of this organization have changed for several times since its inception to date. ; Where it was previously referred to by the acronym (WWWF), then it became known through the acronym (WWF), until it became known by the acronym (WWE); Which is called now in 1999.

WWE is concerned with organizing professional shows in freestyle wrestling, but such shows combine acting and reality; This is based on the fact that it is not presented as a competitive sport that the party who deserves to win-wins. Free wrestling matches have a pre-arrangement in which the player who should win the match is chosen, and the proceedings of that match are arranged according to what is agreed upon between the parties, and The other side, the moves performed during the rounds of freestyle wrestling are real. Where it is performed by professionals who specialize in acrobatic and sports movement in an atmosphere of drama and violence; This is in order to attract the attention of the masses and followers, and these movements may sometimes seriously harm them

The most dangerous injuries in the history of freestyle wrestling
The following shows some of the most serious injuries that have occurred in the history of freestyle wrestling:

Death of wrestler Owen Hart: The death of this player is one of the most tragic examples of incidents of freestyle wrestling. Hart died after failing to properly land the ring. 
Player Druze's paralysis: Player Druze was injured in 1999 during one of the SmackDown tournament matches that he had with the player Dello Brown. As a sliding of Druze on the floor of the ring injured his head, which led to a broken bone in his neck, and after undergoing a failed surgery, Druze was paralyzed in his body. 

Fractured neck of player Steve Austin: During a match with Owen Hart, player Steve Austin suffered a fractured neck that temporarily paralyzed him and was able to recover from it later.

 King Barrett's elbow dislocated: Barrett dislocated his elbow in a match that brought him Big Shaw Ziggler, which led to his being excluded from wrestling for a year. 

A fracture in the spine of the player Jesse Sorensen: Sorensen suffered a fracture in one of his vertebrae in the match that brought him together with the player Zima Ion, and this injury required him a year to recover from it.

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