How to make barley coffee?

barley coffee

 Barley: Barley is an annual plant that belongs to the grass family, there are two types of white and black Barley, and Barley is grown in temperate regions, and the Arab nationalist is the original home of barley cultivation. The main ingredient in the way barley coffee works, which many people consume as a healthy alternative to regular coffee, and Barley contains many amazing nutritional and health benefits that are reflected in human health, in addition to its role in treating several diseases. Barley is widely used in folk medicine, and it is possible to obtain Barley is obtained from grocery stores that specialize in selling grains, and it is sold as a dry grain, or ground as flour.

Ingredients for making barley coffee: Barley contains many health benefits that enhance the health of the body, and it is a natural plant that can be used in many nutritional recipes. It does not contain caffeine, which makes it suitable for children, and it is cheap, and a housewife can obtain it at any time. When applying the method of making barley coffee, the following ingredients must be available: Two cups of barley love. A small spoon of cardamom. Three cups of water. A teaspoon of fresh ginger.

How to make barley coffee: It is very necessary for people to know the way barley coffee is made, and to know its benefits on health; people may be ignorant of the great benefit of drinking barley coffee drink, as it contains several essential and beneficial nutrients for human health, and is free from the caffeine found in coffee that leads to drinking in quantities Significant to tachycardia, and negatively affects the hormones of the body, which leads many people to turn to the method of making barley coffee as a healthy and useful alternative to coffee that is prepared from coffee that contains caffeine, and the following steps can be followed to apply the method of making barley coffee: Toast the Barley over a fire, stirring constantly so that it does not burn. The roasted Barley is ground by a power mill until smooth. Put the ground barley in a clean bowl on the fire, add an amount of sugar to it and leave it to boil. Add cardamom and ginger to the water after it boils, and let it boil on low heat for 7 minutes. After the boiling time has ended, remove from heat and set aside for ten minutes. Barley coffee drink is filtered, placed in cups, and served to drink and enjoy the wonderful taste, and it is possible to drink hot barley coffee after it is filtered.

The nutritional value of Barley: Barley is a healthy food full of nutrients and is the main ingredient in preparing many beneficial diets such as barley soup with vegetables, barley porridge, and barley soup with milk, in addition to its use in the healthy barley coffee method, and Barley is very beneficial for the health of the colon and the digestive system Because it contains dietary fiber, it contains many nutrients that promote bone health and has a vital role in the treatment of osteoporosis and many other health benefits, and 100 grams of Barley contains the following nutrients:

Calories 354
carbohydrates 73.5 grams
 fiber 17.3 grams 
protein 12.5 grams
 fat 2.3 grams
 thiamine 43%
 riboflavin 17%
 niacin 23% 
vitamin B 16.6% 
folate 5% iron 20% 
magnesium 33%
 phosphorous 26% 
potassium 31% 
zinc 18% 
copper 25% 
manganese 97% 
selenium 54%

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