How to develop yourself

How to improve yourself


According to the American Psychological Association, psychology is the scientific study of mind and behavior, and it is a multi-discipline and includes many sub-fields of study such as human development, sports, health, clinical and social behaviors, and cognitive processes. Sigmund Freud, who founded psychoanalysis in the early twentieth century, believed that people could be treated Through their awareness of their unconscious thoughts and motives and thus gain insight, psychology has four main goals, which are describing, interpreting, anticipating and changing human behavior and mental approaches, and during the article will be introduced to how to develop the self and refine it to reach the goal. 


Almost everyone has gone through several situations at some point in their lives that might prompt a person to ask himself the question of how to change oneself? This is due to a unified goal, which is change, whether it is a change in behavior, thought, bad habits, or lifestyle in general, to start the search journey here and there, searching for reading several articles on how to develop yourself, some of them complete the journey towards change, and some of them learn to satisfy Short-term psychological need, lifestyle is the interests, behaviors, opinions, and behavioral trends of an individual, group, or society. 

The Austrian psychologist Alfred Adler introduced this term in the sense that the personality of an individual that was established in early childhood stage, and lifestyle usually reflects the individual's style, way of life, values, or worldview, and based on this, the lifestyle is a way to formulate a sense of self and create Cultural symbols that resonate with personal identity, and aspects of lifestyle are not all voluntary. The surrounding technical and social systems can restrict the lifestyle choices available to the individual and the presentable symbols to others and to the self.

How to improve yourself

Almost everyone has things that they want to change on their own, whether it is acquiring a specific skill, such as learning a new language, for example, or getting rid of a bad habit like smoking, or achieving inner peace by getting rid of social fear, for example, and that is by setting the goal and seeking it and dealing with setbacks. The beginning is Determining what the researcher wants about how to develop yourself, by defining the unique core values ​​by writing them and giving them the priority and reading them regularly, then setting goals based on them, then visualizing what might be the case in the future, as it promotes positive thinking and avoiding negative thoughts, And a commitment to how to develop oneself, such as if a person imagines himself that he has achieved his goal and becomes a famous writer, and acts based on this personality, how will you behave! How will you speak! And what is her lifestyle! 

Determining what needs to be developed and what does not need, which depends largely on setting goals, and the environment will help in receiving feedback on what should be changed or improved by asking for help in choosing development methods, taking into account the choice of reliable people such as family members or friends. The close associates and the researcher on how to develop oneself should not forget to use the SMART method for goals, and this method collects the initials of the Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. The second stage is the start of change after the goals have been defined. And often, the change is confusing for many, as they have to abandon things and adopt other things, and before starting, be sure to prepare for change. 

And it is in four stages, which is that there is a problem, but it is unknown or is being denied, knowledge of a problem and thinking about changing it, commitment to change and developing an action plan, and finally making the change and implementing the plan. Training, evaluation, and self-monitoring must be applied, such as: Have you focused on today's goals? Sometimes if self-training is ineffective, seeking help and outside support may be helpful in achieving goals. It must be taken into account that change is not possible overnight, so practice then practice, change may be slow, so you must continue to achieve the goal and the new reality, and finally deal with setbacks, as the path towards change is not paved with roses, so there may be obstacles before achieving the goal, as current habits and patterns of thinking The personality, in general, was entrenched from childhood, and it took its time to shape the personality of each individual, and thus the change, self-development and elimination of bad habits that were acquired since childhood will take time until the new routine followed for self-development becomes a habit. 

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