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The sport of bodybuilding arose  Bodybuilding is a very well-known sport as it is very popular, and it is called by several names such as muscle building, physical education, muscle development, and others, but is it possible for a person to be a trainer himself, and can he train other people? This is possible, and the coach has several responsibilities related to public safety in addition to achieving the players ’goal of building their muscles, so you must mention safety requirements to avoid injuries among the trainees and to be familiar with some of the first aid steps.

Among the benefits of this sport is that it helps to keep the body taut, contributes to maintaining heart health, helps in strengthening muscles and bones, inactivating cells, stimulating blood circulation, and renewing it, preserving the body from sagging and wrinkles, and fighting aging disease, and that everyone who practices it enjoys In very good health, as it revitalizes the immune system, giving it unprecedented energy and very strong, and this sport helps us in our daily life a great deal because it makes us more focused, energetic and energetic, and the origin of this sport is due to the Greek people because they used to like to show off their muscles and it has become widespread nowadays.

Procedures that the trainer must observe

Learn the most important things that a bodybuilding coach should follow:

  • Prevention measures and public safety and this is essential.
  • Understand how each machine works and how to use it properly.
  • Take the right actions at the right time.
  • Knowing each exercise and what results when practicing it.

Consequently, not all coaches of this sport follow the same methods, because every coach has his own experience, endurance, and fitness, and these capabilities differ from person to person.

Bodybuilding trainer qualifications

The trainer is the person who is able to give appropriate orders at the right time, and he considers the appraiser with knowledge and full awareness of the best opinion, and the nature of his work revolves around giving appropriate commands and exercises to each person in a manner that suits his nature and ability to bear:

  • To be of strong muscles, and to have high physical fitness, which is necessary.
  • Giving exercises appropriately.
  • Knowing the right time for each exercise.
  • Full knowledge of the number of exercises.
  • Giving high spirits to every person.

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