How to avoid office work risks

How to make office work more healthy

 Office work risks

Some jobs may be dangerous and not liked by many people, such as working in a dangerous field, for example, that working in a closed office is not without risks as some people may think. Even if this information is not revealed, it is inevitably present. Every person who works in the answering office must know about The question of how to avoid the risks of office work. One of the important problems facing office work is sitting in the office most of the time of the day. A recent study found that the amount of time a person who works in a desk spends sitting each day for long periods is associated with an increased risk of various diseases, In what follows, we will talk about how to avoid the risks of office work. 

How to avoid office work risks
Sitting for eight hours on a chair in front of the computer for at least five days a week affects the human body negatively, and the risks range from eye fatigue and neck spasm syndrome to those extra calories such as sweets and fast foods that co-workers bring attractively to their desks, which attract a person greatly. To address them, but every worker should know the answer to the question of how to avoid the risks of office work: 
  • Ignore the junk food and sweets that are on colleagues' desks and thus avoid gaining weight.
  • Drink enough water, or about eight to ten cups, every day, because water helps maintain body moisture.
  • Eat foods that contain an adequate amount of water. Some fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, grapes, watermelon, and apples can help maintain a healthy and hydrated body.
  • One of the most important things that can be done during the hours of the day to stay healthy and maintain a healthy body shape is exercise.
  • Eating a healthy lunch is an important part of a balanced diet, however, eating an adequate and reasonable amount of food is an important part of maintaining health.
  • Ensure that the neck does not bend to one side for long periods, to avoid neck spasm syndrome, when the neck and upper shoulders remain in a stable position for a long time, and this can happen to people whose job is to talk on the phone all day or write for a long time.
  • The distance between the working screen and the eyes should be at arm's length, and the operator must also be able to read comfortably on the screen at a sufficient distance not to strain the eyes and without squinting.
  • Vacations from time to time must be an essential part of staying healthy at work.
How to make office work better for health
Some scientists have told that having some parts of nature like a young plant in the office can be a great way to get inspiration for creativity and a sense of wellness, and scientists also told that plants are wonderful from a psychological perspective, as choosing green leafy plants instead of aloe vera whose mutations can cause the opposite. Comfortable feeling or strong-smelling flowers, which can be distracting or annoying, and it is worth noting that some plants help improve air quality in the office.

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