How to apply the foundation for oily skin?

How to apply the foundation for oily skin

 Skincare women strive to maintain their beauty and shine always. We see her taking care of her skin a lot to keep her fresh, healthy, and bright because healthy skin is one of the essential elements of beauty; 

there are many tips that we will give in this article to maintain the beauty of your skin through the way you put makeup and your choice of creams suitable for your skin.

 [1] Volume 0% Method of applying the foundation for oily skin is one of the most important preparations that you should be careful when using it so that you get an appropriate result:

[2] Before you put any cream on your face, wipe your skin with a piece of ice, especially on the oily areas of your skin, such as the nose and forehead, because ice helps close pores in the skin, thus preventing the formation of any oil and fat on it. Apply a moisturizing cream that suits your oily skin; this cream should be free of any oils and fats, as the moisturizing cream helps moisturize the skin and maintains its softness and makes it like the surface of children. Choose a foundation cream that suits your oily skin, preferably mineral foundation built of minerals, and is free of oils and fats, but if you prefer liquid foundation cream, you should choose an oil-free cream. Place dry powder over the foundation, and your skin must be the same or darker color as one degree so that it doesn't become too bright that you've put cream on your face. Tips for oily skin some of these tips:

[3] Drink plenty of water, because water helps keep your skin hydrated, fresh, and healthy.

 Avoid using any cream, especially those containing oils, even if it is a small percentage because your skin is fat Tyran and full of fats and oils. If you use creams that contain fats, they will increase their proportion to your skin, thus appearing in the form of irritating pills, distorting your skin, and losing its beauty. And make masks and masks for your oily skin, such as the mask of aloe vera. Its way as follows: squeeze a grain of aloe vera well, and then add to it two drops of lemon juice, and then pass it on your skin gently using a piece of cotton, and leave it for ten minutes, before you rinse your face with warm water, and you can repeat this catcher daily morning and evening for two weeks, so cactus helps you to restore the vitality and freshness of your skin, as well as reduce sire of skin oil in the skin.

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