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 The Partridge Family sang, "Come On, Get Happy." But that's easier said than done immediately within the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Isolation and fear can make us struggle with our psychological state. On top of that, stay-at-home orders can complicate getting help in additional traditional ways.

But because of technology, apps are available to supply help with anxiety and depression at your fingertips. Thereupon in mind, I'm sharing some happiness apps meant to assist calm nerves and assist you in living a happier life, even during these difficult times.


A few years ago, I attempted the app Happify. It caught my attention. For one thing, the name is catchy. Plus, although I would like to be happy, I'm also cheap at the bottom, and therefore the basic version is completely free.

The idea behind this app is that each one takes maybe a jiffy each day, and you will get on the road to breaking free from negative thinking. You'll learn to deal with stress and develop positive life-changing habits with some fun exercises and games.

According to the app, you'll strengthen necessary happiness skills like savoring the instant, thanking those that matter, meaning to meaningful goals, eliminating dead-end thinking, empathizing with others, reducing stress and negative thoughts, and improving your relationships.

After you download the app and make an account, Happify will score your happiness supported a questionnaire. Then, the app provides a series of tracks that you can use to start living a healthy, stress-free life.

Next, you select a "track" to urge started. As a caregiver for my mother at the time, I assumed I'd start on the one to reduce stress and anxiety. My first assignment: list three things I'm grateful for - and therefore, the kicker that helped me - explain why.

This app rates high on many lists of best happiness apps, and that I can see why.


This is another app I've tried and love. Headspace provides tools and resources to help you stay mentally sharp, reduce stress and anxiety, live healthier, breathe correctly, sleep better, and have a happy life.

They offer a free two-week trial, after which you'll auto-enroll in their $69.99 a year plan. If you're unemployed at the time of this writing, you'll get a free year of Headspace Plus to assist you to revisit on your feet.

I discovered this app while enrolled in Weight Watchers (WW), which offers it free as a part of their program. I suffer from insomnia, and their sleep meditation exercise helped me quiet my thoughts, breathe slower, and relax my body to ease me into sleep. I also used their "Take a flash to pause" exercise to assist me in stopping for a couple of minutes once I felt stressed and refocus.

Calm may be a similar app for sleep, meditation, and relaxation to assisting you lower stress through guided meditations, sleep stories, breathing programs, stretching exercises, and relaxing music. Calm offers a 7-day trial, but then you will be automatically enrolled in their $69.99 a year plan.

Real Life Change

The real-world app Change is supposed to be a transportable life coach, designed to require your social interactions, moods, decisions, discoveries, and emotions that you experience every day and supply you with meaningful, actionable feedback to assist you to reside a far better and more mindful life.

The basic plan is free. This app is out there only on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

Track Your Happiness

Track Your Happiness may be a free app used together with your smartphone. You spend about 10 minutes answering questions; then, you're contacted by e-mail or text - you select how often you would like the app to prompt you - and are asked to report what you're doing and the way you are feeling.

A customized happiness report tracks your moods, so you'll learn what causes you to be happy, who causes you to content, and where you feel the most comfortable.

Super Better

Super Better has made building happiness a game with short easy activities you complete as you continue quests to create happiness-boosting skills like resilience.

Their site claims that millions have played SuperBetter to realize goals and tackle challenges, including anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and more. The first Super Better is out there free of charge.

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