Future education how it should be

 Many of us have realized/ considered, based mostly - on their observations, during this horrific pandemic, its impact and effect on the standard, consistency, level, and results, on education, and academic delivery. When most faculties closed this past March, they weren't ready and prepared for either the length of duration, the best approach (forward), the way to take care of the interest of scholars, and encourage meaningful, consistent, necessary learning! Since the virus is still with us, and nobody knows, needless to say, how long it may be. Public health officials state it's unsafe to reopen schools unless the local infection rate is controlled. Wouldn't it add up, for us, to reconsider, what preparations could also be needed, and necessary, so we are prepared for the future? Thereupon in mind, this text will plan to briefly consider, examine, review, and discuss five necessities of envisioning the longer term of educational delivery.

This 5 things will be included ?

1. make sure the basics: Whatever is decided, it's essential to make sure we protect the delivery of the tutorial basics! These include, but aren't limited to, educating effectively. Hence, children gain the knowledge and skills, in terms of reading, writing, and arithmetic, which are age-appropriate, and therefore the kids learn, what they might, no matter the way, it's going to be delivered! Traditionally, most faculties teach their students the way to educate, in-person/ face - to - face! Remote learning must be well-focused. Therefore the needed and necessary skills are delivered, no matter how it's done, instead of haphazardly, or without quality preparation, and related tools, to realize the best results!

2. History: We cannot afford to ignore teaching history. If we do not prepare future generations, adequately and thoroughly, they're going to be doomed to form equivalent mistakes, which could be avoidable if they learned lessons from the past, etc.!

3. Technology: We sleep in an ever-increasing, technologically - oriented world, and unless/ until we develop the simplest way to ensure students learn, the way to make technology their friend, and use it, to learn, and gain necessary skills, we'll fail them! Many younger people use their computers or Smartphones, play games, or use Social Media. Still, to satisfy educational requirements, they need to be inspired and motivated to use technology more - fully!

4. New Normal: Many believe, the near future, and, perhaps, beyond, will introduce a replacement Normal in many aspects of our daily life! We want to consider signing the way to deliver top-quality educational experience, whether in - person, remotely, or via some hybrid - combination!

5. Special needs/ requirements/ meals, etc.: we'd like educators to think about how to proceed, to ensure, children with special needs and requirements are adequately considered and treated! Additionally, since many children have necessities regarding their meals and food requirements, we must have a system to ensure proper, needed nutrition, under every possible circumstance, etc.

While most folks would like to possess schools to reopen, for in-person education, unless/ until this will be done safely, it wouldn't be wise or appropriate! Our youngsters aren't guinea pigs, and with over 5 million Americans infected by this virus, and over 160, 000 lives lost, we must proceed, putting public health first!

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