Birds food making food for birds from house

 what birds eat

Raw vegetables and fruits

How to present vegetables and fruits

Raw vegetables and fruits are one of the richest sources of nutrients, but they must be introduced to birds gradually and slowly, which allows the bird to be able to adapt to the new diet. In return, the rapid and sudden introduction of fruits and vegetables can cause the bird to lose its appetite.

Vegetables as food for birds

Fresh or pre-prepared vegetables can be presented to birds by washing them well, then cutting them, placing them in airtight containers, or in sealed plastic bags, and keeping them in the freezer. Although the process of thawing vegetables is good for feeding birds, it is not as nutritious as fresh vegetables. Also, avoid cutting vegetables into small pieces, as eating large pieces is an activity for birds that need to enjoy and nourish, according to the brochure "Fruits and Vegetables in Bird Feeding" provided by Dr. Rick Axelson.

Preferably choose vegetables that are dark yellow, green and leafy; Such as parsley, squash, lettuce, and cucumbers, with the necessity to avoid avocado being one of the foods that are toxic to birds, and birds can also be fed broccoli, turnip, pumpkin, and legumes can be served; Like beans, peas, and lentils, as well as they can eat cooked beans, carrots are one of the very healthy options; Because it contains more beta-carotene than other vegetables, and is necessary to produce vitamin A, which many birds lack.

Fruits as food for birds

Provide birds with small amounts of cut and clean fruits, taking care to remove the seed from the fruit first. The possibility caused by poisoning the bird, and is a kiwi, mango, papaya, orange, grapefruit, apple Loose seeds from her favorite fruit,  This is apart from the possibility of melons,  bananas, pears, pineapple, grapes, and many other fruits, are fruits Fresh is more nutritious than canned, or frozen fruit.

Seeds, grains, and nuts

Grasses and seed-bearing flowers are natural, nutritious options that can be added to birds' food after planting them in the backyard, while they are considered nuts; Peanuts, walnuts, and pine nuts are rich sources of fats and proteins, and they are among the favorite foods for many birds, and ideal for temporary storage to be used as winter supplies.

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