Eric Maxim Choupo Moting now ends Paris SaintGermain's Champions League.


Now, Paris Saint-Germain was Sergi Roberto. They were Marcus Rashford. Twenty-five years of disappointment, of remontadas, of failures,  all gone in the season of 3minutes in extra time.

All the heartbreaks the Parisians hurt over the ages, especially that horror nighttime against Barcelona in 2017 and Manchester United in 2019, were retaliated on Wednesday in an unbelievable 2-1 win over Atalanta in Lisbon, Portugal.

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No one could have recorded this scenario. No one could have foretold in their most excessive hopes that Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting would be the star who would give PSG to the Champions League rounds for the first event since 1995.

It is more evidence that Paris never does anything like anybody . What a headquarters! Competent of managing one of the greatest teams in Europe this season and yet still being so special to another disheartening elimination. Intelligent of stopping Atalanta and their ridiculous attack of making almost anything after Mario Pasalic got the first goal, and yet looking at the different short finish to their Champions League goal.

However it was PSG's turning momentarily to be the heartbreaker. The Italians converted PSG on Wednesday nighttime -- football is so heartless sometimes. The guys of Bergamo deserved strong than to fall in this form; they gained their town, county, and region proud. What's also, they have made football impressive. Now, Atalanta lacked a bit of leg and shape, a bit of experience apparently too. Nevertheless, they`ll continue permanently oneof the glorious legends of an excellent and extraordinary 2019-20 .

But Wednesday night For the Parisians.

The views at the whole time explained all the emotions: PSG boss Thomas Tuchel screamed his happiness so hard that they could have heard him of Germany. There was so much at pale for the manager. An upset, even just 1-0, could have got him fired. He would have been blamed for not starting Kylian Mbappe while he was healthy. He would have been criticized for favoring Ander Herrera to Leandro Paredes after the Argentine did more extra in 20 minutes while he came on than those Spaniards in 70.

Tuchel got his changes right, though, and his game plan great. He knew and reported to the players that Atalanta would drop in the next half and that it was before that PSG could set them below a lot of stress. He knew that whenever his members could hit the press, they would be severe. He had not expected that Neymar would be so important overall but so wild in front of the goal. Carrying on Mbappe just on the hour changed the match, but it was the Choupo-Moting for Mauro Icardi switch that set PSG over.

There reasonably will nevermore be a strange hero at this scene of the Champions League eternally again. Coupon-Moting harmed Marco Verratti at exercise ten days ago. He owes his position in the team because Edinson Cavani declined to continue his commitment to Paris to play in this quarterfinal. And he appeared on only because Icardi was the darkness of his usual character.

Although that Cameroon global seized this opportunity, gave it his best, and was crucial on both goals. Neymar was king of the match, determined to give his teammate the prize as a fee and a grand appearance. 

All the opportunities missed for the rest of the PSG team and followers like are ignored for Choupo-Moting: All the chances wanted, all the standard plays set on in the past two years, all the awkward moments like when he held Christopher Nkunku's shot on the goal line on Strasbourg last summer. All is forgotten. Ever, his name will be synonymous with one of the club's greatest moments.

And what about Neymar precisely? He wanted Wednesday to be his night. He wanted to be the match leader, the Lionel Messi of his squad. More than ever, he wanted to own a game of this magnitude and offer it to PSG. He was struggling too much but not forceful for 90 minutes. He was everywhere, 

nutmegging players, creating opportunities, making exceptions, being kicked all around the ball. He made 16 dribbles, the most significant match for a player in a single Champions League game after Messi with Barcelona against Manchester United in April 2008 -- the Atalanta supporters didn't know how to stop him. He should have scored one, two, perhaps also three goals.

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