Disadvantages of hybrid cars

 What are the disadvantages of a hybrid car

Hybrid cars: In light of the technological development witnessed by the world and the ingenuity of some international companies in the automotive industry and their development, the idea of ​​manufacturing hybrid cars came, which are cars that use two engines in their operating system, using an electric motor and a petrol engine, and the electric motor is operated in low-speed roads, i.e. At low speeds, while in highways or high speeds, the petrol engine is started, as the electric motor is powered by batteries that are automatically recharged while driving, and this article will talk about the disadvantages of hybrid cars and other matters related to this type of cars.

How Hybrid Cars Works: came to the idea of ​​manufacturing and developing hybrid cars. Because of the economic conditions that the world is witnessing, from high fuel prices, and the world's trend to dispense with non-renewable energy sources, as hybrid cars are becoming more popular in the world because the manufacture of these cars reduces fuel consumption and reduces the percentage of harmful gases to the environment, as hybrid cars operate on systems Advanced operation that reduces fuel consumption [1], and hybrid cars, like other cars, have specific work systems, and these systems differ from traditional car systems in their way of working, and there are many differences in the mechanism of work of hybrid cars, and this difference comes in terms of the adoption of hybrid cars On the electric energy to propel the car, or the use of the electric motor to generate electrical energy with the gasoline engine, which performs the task of propelling the car, as the mechanisms of work of hybrid

cars can be classified as follows:

Sequential hybrid cars: Series hybrid cars contain electric motors, and these engines send energy to the wheels and use the gasoline engine as a power generator for the battery; in addition to this type of car does not require a transmission, and it has a battery larger than The battery used by the parallel system will be talked about, but this system is outdated and has been discontinued. 

Parallel system hybrid cars: Parallel hybrid cars contain electric motors and petrol engines, and the parallel system differs from the series in that the electric motor assists the gasoline engine, which drives the wheels, and this is the most common type of car. 

Hybrid cars with a series and parallel system: they have a system that combines the serial system and the parallel system, and this system can be able to operate the gasoline engine or the electric motor or both at the same time to drive the wheels, and this system uses the electric motor at low speeds, but unlike the high speed The system uses a gasoline engine.

Features of hybrid cars: Hybrid cars are among the most widespread and manufactured cars in the world, and the reason for this spread is because these cars have many advantages compared to cars that operate with a petrol engine, and whoever wants to buy such cars can notice these features, Where hybrid cars have defects and features, we will talk about the features, 

and in what follows are some of the most important:

Safety: electric cars meet all safety requirements; Hybrid system batteries are sealed, and high-voltage electrical circuits are characterized by specific colors and symbols, as these vehicles do not pose any additional risks to conventional gasoline vehicles. 

Saving fuel consumption: The fuel consumption of hybrid cars is one of its most important features This is because hybrid cars are composed of an electric motor and a petrol engine; It reduces fuel consumption, so the buyer looks for cars that reduce fuel consumption. 

Environmentally friendly cars: These cars are environmentally friendly cars; It reduces the emission of harmful gases to the environment, due to the fact that hybrid cars require less fuel during operation.

 Performance: Every hybrid car performs differently, but generally performs the same, and better than cars with a petrol engine.

 Low maintenance: Hybrid cars require little maintenance and this is one of their great advantages.

The disadvantages of hybrid cars: During the past few years, the purchase of hybrid cars have become widespread, and despite the many advantages that hybrids are distinguished by, there are many disadvantages of hybrid cars. Some of the disadvantages of hybrids come:

One of the main disadvantages of hybrid cars is the battery that the electric motor relies on. Battery repair is a complicated matter, and so is the high battery price.

Hybrid cars are more expensive than conventional cars of the same size.

One of the disadvantages of hybrids is that they combine Between the electric motor and gasoline engines which means more maintenance.

Advice when using a hybrid car: hybrid cars like other cars that need maintenance, to keep the car for as long as possible, to avoid going to repair places, to buy expensive car parts, to avoid the disadvantages of hybrid cars, and to take advantage of its features, you must adhere to several tips, and in what comes some of the following: These important tips that may benefit hybrid users:

The battery is an important part of hybrid cars, so the battery and electrical connections on it must be checked on a monthly basis, to make sure that it is free from corrosion. 

Hybrid cars, like other cars, use coolant to cool the engine, so you must check the coolant, especially in the summer. 

Check the brakes and tires periodically. 

Change the car oil and transmission oil at specific times and periodically as indicated in the car's manual.

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