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 The meaning of Technology

Definition of technology: Technology is a Greek word of origin, consisting of two syllables, namely: “techno,” which means art, craft, or Performance, while the second syllable is “loggia,” meaning study or science, and therefore the word technology means the science of the ability to Performance, or application, [1] which is a source of knowledge devoted to making tools, conducting processing, and extracting materials. The term technology is one of the broad terms that differ in their understanding among individuals. It is used to accomplish different tasks in daily life; So they can be described as products and treatments used to simplify everyday life.

It is also an application of science used to solve problems, and it is indicated that technology and science are two different subjects from each other, but they work together to accomplish specific tasks or solve problems, and technology can be applied in all areas of daily life, as it is used in work, communication, transportation, and education, And manufacturing, commerce, and other uses that benefit people if they are correctly used, and harm them if they are used incorrectly.

Benefits of technology: There are many benefits of technology, which are beneficial to the individual and society, including: [3] Communication with others: The Internet and mobile devices have contributed to communicating with anyone in the world, and establishing relationships with people at long distances. Increased job opportunities: Technology and computers helped increase the opportunity to do many jobs remotely, as many workers became able to work from home at their preferred times. Increase the wealth of information: as it became possible to quickly and easily access all kinds of knowledge, books are no longer the only means of knowledge. Increased entertainment: People have great choices of movies, shows, games, music, and other available options. Saving time and effort: as it became possible to perform complex mathematical operations very quickly, as well as medical, chemical, and astronomical achievements due to computers, and not only that, technology provided cars, washing machines, banking services, and many other devices that helped Saving time and effort.

Technology damage: There are many damages to technology if it is used incorrectly, including: [4] Pollution: The excessive use of technology has led to an increase in waste in the environment, which has led to pollution, as the increase in the number of vehicles, and the resulting emissions is one of the reasons. The main factor is air pollution, and the excessive use of agricultural pesticides has led to soil erosion. Wasting time: Technology wasted time and energy with unproductive work. For example, technology allowed people to surf the Internet; To get the required information, but some people are addicted to the various activities available on the Internet; Like playing, browsing, and others. Excessive dependency: The excessive dependence on technology in all tasks contributed to a feeling of helplessness, and the inability to accomplish in the absence of modern means. Impact on health: Modern technologies contribute to the effect on health, as the noise generated by the sounds of vehicles and factories affects the human auditory senses, and the excessive use of mobile phones leads to multiple health problems, such as tension, stress, and others.

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