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 Love is defined as a group of complex emotions that result in many behaviors and thoughts woven with strong emotions that control and control one's being and feeling, making him want to protect the person or thing he loves, and feel great affection, affection, and affection towards him, so he respects him, preserves him, takes into account his feelings and desires to please him and protect him from any threat or danger that may harm him in any way. It is not limited to human love for each other only, as a person may love a pet and provide him with care, care and compassion and seek to protect and preserve it, or be associated with a love of a special inner feeling such as freedom, independence, entity, and personality, or self-love For example.

What is love?
The concept of love in the language

Love is defined by language as a great and strong feeling that a person feels towards someone, which makes him emotionally attracted to him and is influenced by him. He wants to share with him all the moments of his life and stay with him forever, and it is a beautiful feeling in which a person sees his partner essential to him and makes it one of his priorities. It is synonymous with many deep terms, such as love, pride in the beloved, and a strong desire to take care of him and take care of him always, a feeling that grows and increases over time, in which the beloved loves his beloved and becomes a source of inspiration and passion and a cause of happiness and comfort.

The concept of love in psychology

Although psychologists lack the poets' high rhetorical abilities and accuracy of description, they have also endeavored to express and define the feeling of love through scientific research and life and practical experiences on people under its influence, as some of them identified factors that produce this feeling and summed them up in one principle: communication, participation and support Which results in a solid interdependent relationship between the parties, resulting in great emotional and physiological feelings centered on care, protection, concern, affection, excitement and other feelings that may be similar to what was mentioned before about this deep emotion.

The definition of love among philosophers

Philosophers' definition of love differs from other concepts of poets and scholars, as its concepts varied. Some considered it merely a word that does not express anything tangible and reasonable or linked to a clear truth, while others see it as a strong influence and a great means of controlling the entity and the world in an irreversible manner, simply by falling under its influence. And others preferred not to explain it and leave it in a world far from curiosity, application and research, but despite their different interpretation and definitions, the fact that this feeling is essential and important, and it has a significant role and tangible effect on people of different cultures and genders, cannot be denied, so they continued to develop theories and philosophical explanations to try to reach a clear definition It is a fixed concept to him, but according to their different opinions, these theories varied and contradicted and varied with the progression of life and maturity of people, and the different needs and way of thinking. 

The scientific explanation of the feeling of love and its biological stages

Scientists had many inquiries about the reason that drives a person to feel love, so some of them considered it a complex matter that needs much research and study, as the nature of this feeling, its amount and its effect varies from person to person, so love may begin with a look and a simple encounter in which a person feels attractedFor the other party, but it grows and develops over time to become an urgent goal to draw closer to it, so some researchers divided it into stages according to its depth and the influence of human hormones on its owner, as it may be a common need to satisfy their innate desire, and a reason for the development of races and their multiplication over time, through intermarriage between The different factions to perpetuate the human race, and in other cases, love is a distinct phenomenon that causes people to be attracted to each other under the influence of different hormones such as dopamine that is released by the brain, which in turn makes a person dependent on his partner more, and increases his enthusiasm, excitement and activity, and his sense of vitality that may lose the ability to sleep due to too much Thinking about a partner, so signs of tension, decreased appetite, insomnia, and irritation appear on him, and it may develop for some to become a sense of love and madness that accompanies cases of attraction and intense attachment to this person and a lot of thinking about him, while this love may reach the stage of attachment that is considered fromThe static stages that result from long-term, stable relationships in which the two parties share feelings and go beyond the previous stages and reach a feeling of completeness and happiness in the presence of the other party in their lives, so they maintain their stay in them, and strive to support the relationship and make it stable, healthy and successful.

Signs of falling in love

A person is confused about his affairs when he notices a change in his feelings towards his partner. He may hesitate to reveal or acknowledge them in order to verify them and understand their cause and nature, but love is a clear feeling and a strong emotion that is difficult to conceal and hide as mentioned before, and therefore it must appear. Its clear signs on its owner, including the following

The inner signs of love
The inner signs of love are the troubled, deep, and sincere feelings and feelings that a person has for his lover, the most prominent of which is the following:

  • The tendency to exaggerate the positive qualities of the partner, to see him as a complete and distinct person, and to overlook some of his negatives and mistakes motivated by great affection towards him, and thus the beloved perceives him as different and prominent from all around him, and exaggerates his feeling without thinking about anything else, although he may be a normal person.
  • Feeling of joy and happiness for the sake of the beloved, in the event that he succeeds or accomplishes one of his goals, and does not feel inferiority, jealousy, or inferiority towards him, but on the contrary, support and pride in him and congratulate him and the feeling of sincere and true happiness and good wishes for him.
  • Being strongly influenced by the opinions of the beloved and obeying his ideas and being interested in them, as a person may be accustomed to making his personal decisions privately and individually, but having a lover in his life who feels his direction of affection and intimacy may make him want to participate in the planning and is interested in his ideas and opinions and is affected by them, which may conflict with his desires sometimes, but he His great love will push him to compromise for the sake of the happiness and satisfaction of his beloved.
External body language signs
There are some gentle and spontaneous physical signals in which a person tries to express his sincere feelings towards the beloved through body language, including the following: 

  • Sincere and spontaneous smile: As a smile expresses happiness and a good mood, and a person often smiles in the face of the person who makes him happy, and therefore his constant attractive smile in the face of the one he loves is evidence of his desire to stay with him and communicate more, and his feeling of joy and comfort.
  • Eye contact: The positive visual response, which is represented by focusing on the eyes of the other party, and looking at them directly at lengthy, is an indication of interest in him while shifting his gaze, and the inability to communicate visually indicates a lack of interest, or sometimes deception, and thus the fixed eye gaze The focus is on the things the person loves and is attracted to.

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