biggest and tallest five building in the world

 Huge buildings look like traditional things Today; 400ft to 1000ft structures are popular those times. Engineers always start their goals to create astounding skyscrapers, and gazing upon those miracles of the world is a unique fantastic feeling.

If you like to see the incredible skyscrapers, then you are in luck as we are going to showdown the five tallest buildings worldwide.

5- Taipei 101, 509m-1671 ft in Taiwan

Taipei 101  gets rank 4 to tallest skyscrapers. A height of 1,739 ft, it is still under development, so it cannot be added. This building has been constructed to be powerful enough to resist the strong winds and shakes for Taipei quickly. Entire world by LEED. Its structure becomes a ricked pagoda look with 8 shares, and each segment contains eight floors.

4- One World Trade Center

Location: New York City, USA

Height: 541.33 m/1,776 ft

One World Trade Center is 4th tallest skyscraper in the world and 1st tallest building in the USA. It owns a total of 104 stories and consists of services, restaurants, newscast clubs, a transport hub, and a gallery. Amazing of its features include life-safety methods, renewable energy systems, better fireproofing, rainwater recycles techniques, internal daybreak, pressurized stairs, and improved material for production. Although the structure is 1300ft tall, the tower is also supposed height, spanning to 1,776 ft total height.

3- Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel

Location: Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Height: 601.00 m/1,971 ft

Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel (Abraj Al-Bait) is a government-owned hotel built for supporting Muslims who come for completing Hajj (only the rich can manage it, though). The structure has a big watch on the top within 141 x 141 ft dimensions, making it the most giant clock in the world. Moreover, It's the large center that is supposed to be why it can be so strong even with such a maximum. It consists of comfortable rooms for living tenants and guests, a convention hub, and a large prayer room that is big enough to fit over 10,000 people. Five times a day, 21,000 white and green lamps flash to signal the time for prayer, and on special events, vast 16 upward information on top of it shoots up to 10 km and lit up the sky air.

2. Shanghai Tower in china

Location: Shanghai, China

Height: 632.11 m/2,073 ft

Shanghai Tower is beautifully new and has just been built on six September 2015. not seen in the public now and planned to be opened this November 2015. The building has a total of 121 floors, and it is designed to be a hotel mixed with office space. The structure is a bit of the three most prominent buildings in Shanghai, with two others being Jin Mao Tower and Shanghai World Financial Center (the 6th tallest skyscraper in the world). It has an entirety of 320 hotel rooms and a large parking place for 1,100.

1-Burj Khalifa

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

Hight : 828 m/2,717 ft 

Burj Khalifa remains in the first situation since 2009, being the tallest structure on the planet with 2,717 ft of tallness. The composition comprises of 162 stories, 30,000 homes alongside nine inns and a large shopping center. The fabric is built to give Dubai universal acknowledgment and present it as a spot for the travel industry, and not just an oil-based nation. 

It has a tripedal plan with edges slice in an anticipating shape to stay away from wind choppiness. It has a cladding framework sufficiently able to endure Dubai's hot temperature. There are all out 57 lifts and eight elevators, and the lifts are large enough to take in 12-14 individuals. Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill (SOM) are their architects, who are also liable for the structure of One World Trade Center. 

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