Barcelona vs bayrnmunich report 14 august football match

Jordi Blanco, reporter - Barcelona bid farewell to the Champions League and bid farewell to the season, enduring a horrendous mortification in Lisbon, run over by a majestic Bayern Munich that incorrectly crushed him and incurred a notable success (2 - 8) which should have awful outcomes at the Camp Nou. Bayern had no kindness. Barça had ... nothing. 

The dread of the day preceding transformed into a forsaken assurance, as challenging to acknowledge as it is sensible thinking about the distinction between the two groups. The Barça that sadly lost the League, leaving nine focuses after the stoppage due to the coronavirus, made a complete stride in its breakdown in Portugal. An activity in capital barrenness. Mortification for the books, the hardest in Barça's history in the Champions League. 

Fell only starting, when a correct entry-level position by Sergi Roberto on the wing that Suárez nearly didn't reach, Müller reacted with the primary objective, exploiting an underlying mistake by Busquets and ill-advised gradualness of the whole safeguard before the triple dash of Bayern, the Setién's group imagined for ten minutes, launch by Alaba's objective that, offering him a draw, gave him a push that was not a delusion. 

Just ... A shot spared by Neuer to Suárez, a string from Messi, and a tight header from Lenglet offered one to imagine that neither Bayern was so furious nor Barça so the second rate. He had begun. There was a great deal to state and the inclination that, as Setién foresaw the day preceding, the match would be characterized by the accomplishment before the objective. It was a slaughter. 

A slaughter powered by the physical inadequacy of Barça, unfit to keep up the German cadence after those ten minutes of misconception, squeezed the quickening agent indignantly and uncovered all the weaknesses of an opponent who couldn't keep up the weight and was damaged again and again. 

From a blunder by Sergi Roberto, Perisic's 1-2 was conceived, to whose low and crossed shot a decreased Ter Stegen didn't react, who at long last had a lively exhibition soon after and afterward, in only three minutes, yielding two a higher number of objectives than first, they condemned the game and later transformed it into a bad dream. Gnabry and Müller, spry before the Barcelona breakdown, posted a 1-4 as amazing as it was memorable. 

Never in its European history, Barcelona had surrendered four objectives in the first half, indeed, in merely 30 minutes. Trouble was drawn on the essences of some inadequate players whose spirits, on the ground, appeared to be quietly asking for the finish of that bad dream. Bad dream Thinking of a rebound after the break was impossible. It was not even the smallest dream. Setién put Griezmann on the field rather than Sergi Roberto without understanding what he expected with that change. Change in the game, obviously, and there was no. The lousy dream proceeded ... 

It gave the impression that Bayern was not playing against Barça, yet instead, the most embarrassing thing that can be stated, they were playing with Barça. A delight, with happiness, with speed and force, the German hero exposed the Catalans to genuine torment from which they never realized how to getaway. Not even the objective, an incredible objective, by Suárez served to clean the picture of a broke group that not long after the fifth of Kimmich surrendered, amid an overall breakdown. The Bavarian party, the lousy Catalan dream, was of such significance that Coutinho joined the annal, helping Lewandowski at 2-6 and expressly scoring 2-7 first and 2-8 later. The result of the game was heinous in a Barça without a spirit, conveyed not to fate, however, much more, to nothing. 

The incredible history of Messi's Barça couldn't end more awful. In Lisbon, he bid farewell to everything.

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