America's best cities

What are the best cities to live in?
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Which is the best city to live in USA?


America is one of the most prominent global continents located in the northern hemisphere, and it is a republic that includes about fifty states. Its capital is Washington, and it is the fourth largest country in the world, as it ranks third internationally in terms of area, and third in terms of the number of inhabitants. It includes different nationalities coming from different parts of the world; Including Japanese, Chinese, and European, as for the climate prevailing in it is moderate in most of it, and polar in Alaska, as for religion, it does not have one official religion, but Christianity is dominant in it and occupies the first place.

America's best cities
In addition to being considered one of the best countries in the world in all respects, and among the best cities in America are the following:
  • The state of Alaska: is the largest state present in it, and its capital is called Juneau, and it has a distinctive strategic and geographical location, as it is located near the state of Russia, where there are many tourist cities, including the city of Anchorage, the city of Fairbanks and the city of Astica, and Alaska is famous for fishing and includes a group Of the snow huts and the most important tourist attractions in which you can visit the Denali National Gardens and Mendenhall Glacier.
  •  New York State: the Statue of Liberty is located in it, one of America's most famous landmarks, which is located specifically on an island called Freedom, located in New York State, in addition to other landmarks, the most important of which is Central Park, which is a group of public parks. 
  • California State: prevails in a climate similar to that of the White Sea Basin, which is cold and rainy during the winter and dry during the summer, and this state includes a group of distinctive and famous cities, the most important of which are Los Angeles and San Francisco, in addition to San Jose and San Diego.
  •  Florida State: its beautiful beaches are the most popular tourist attraction in it, in addition to the famous Disney World, and Amelia Island, located in the farthest sea, extending from South Carolina to Florida.
  •  Nevada: It includes the city or state of Las Vegas, which is one of the most prominent tourist areas in America, which is known for its large number of casinos, and also includes a group of theaters used for singing and dancing, in addition to buildings designed on the eastern and western styles, part of which is similar to the Egyptian pyramids, and the part The other resembles the French Eiffel Tower.
  •  Hawaii: It is characterized by its beauty and beautiful natural landscapes, in addition to its beaches on the southern coast of the Pacific Ocean, and it is considered the first tourist destination for those looking for natural beauty. 
  • Washington: It is the capital, which includes a large group of museums, which organizes school trips regularly.
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